Dr. William Thielicke

I was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1980. Being enthusiastic about both the achievements of technology and nature, I decided to first study biology at the Humboldt University in Berlin / Germany and to specialize on biomimetics later. After completing my diploma thesis on the aerodynamics of bird flight at the University of Groningen / The Netherlands, I was awarded a degree in biology in 2007 at the University of Darmstadt / Germany with a specialization in biomimetics, animal physiology and zoology.

I then started to work at the Biomimetics-Innovation-Centre at the Hochschule Bremen / Germany in 2008. Simultaneously, I began to work on my PhD research at the University of Groningen.

During this period, I initiated two open-source projects – an award-winning micro air vehicle system and a popular particle image velocimetry tool.

I received my PhD in October 2014 and I am now working at the TobyRich GmbH as senior mechanical design engineer. My main task is to develop smartphone controlled airplanes.

I am currently living in Bremen, together with my partner and our two beloved daughters.


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