Dr. William Thielicke

I was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1980. Being enthusiastic about both the achievements of technology and nature, I decided to first study biology at the Humboldt University in Berlin / Germany and to specialize on biomimetics later. After completing my diploma thesis on the aerodynamics of bird flight at the University of Groningen / The Netherlands, I was awarded a degree in biology in 2007 at the University of Darmstadt / Germany with a specialization in biomimetics, animal physiology and zoology.

I then started to work at the Biomimetics-Innovation-Centre at the Hochschule Bremen / Germany in 2008. Simultaneously, I began to work on my PhD research at the University of Groningen.

During this period, I initiated two open-source projects – an award-winning micro air vehicle system and a popular particle image velocimetry tool.

I received my PhD in October 2014 and then worked at the TobyRich GmbH as senior mechanical design engineer for four years. My main task was to develop smartphone controlled airplanes. Currently, I am working at Optolution Messtechnik GmbH as applications and project engineer. In this job, I can combine my main interests: fluid dynamics, PIV, CAD design and drones.

I was also giving lectures on biomimetics at the universities of applied sciences in Bremen and Nordhausen.

I am currently living in Lörrach, together with my partner and our two three beloved daughters.


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