On this page, I am presenting my award-winning multirotor designs. Back in 2008, I decided that I want to learn how to use microcontrollers and how to work with electronics and control loops. I needed an interesting project to keep my motivation high, therefore I started to make multirotors. In all the tri- and hexrotors, several revisions of a very tiny custom flight controller are used. The electronics and the software are built completely from scratch.

My main interest is to build very small multirotors that fly as good as larger ones (or even better) and that can be controlled by wireless video link and video goggles. I also experimented successfully with automatic flight in GPS-denied areas (see this video), and with GPS assisted autonomous hover (see this video). But flying in first person view (FPV) is simply most fun and I became a pretty good video pilot (some say "the best pilot in the world", but I prefer to be a bit more modest...)

Shrediquette GEMiNi


The GEMiNi hexrotor was designed in 2013 with the purpose to build a very compact copter for air races. The copter is controlled via video transmission (FPV), and the enhanced aerodynamic properties were confirmed in wind tunnel measurements. More information... From 2014 on, the GEMiNi is now commercially available from Team Blacksheep.

Selected awards

2nd place IMAV2014

1st places Pylon & FPV race, Fly for Fun Karlsruhe 2014

1st place FPV air race, Bremer-Multicopter-Treff 2013

Shrediquette BOLT S2


The BOLT S|2 was designed for the International Micro Air Vehicle Conference and Flight Competition 2012 (IMAV2012). The goal was to reduce the size of the original BOLT even more. More information...

Selected awards

1st place indoor flight dynamics, IMAV2012

1st place indoor autonomy, IMAV2012

Shrediquette BOLT


The BOLT is a hexrotor with coaxial propellers. It was designed to be very agile and small, and to have a good performance during outdoor flight in strong winds. The copter was tested very successfully in the IMAV2011. More information...

Selected awards

1st place pylon challenge, IMAV2011

1st place exploration challenge, IMAV2011

Special award from the dutch police: KLPD user trophy (best operational MAV)

1st place FPV air race, Landkamp 2012

Shrediquette MM6


The MM6 seems to be the first multirotor with an asymmetric "insect-like" frame. Since it was presented to the public in 2010, an incredible amount of "clones" appeared on the market. Today, thanks to the MM6, assymmetric multirotors seem to be the standard for FPV flying. The hexrotor was assembled for a trip to Cameroon, where some aerial video was captured. The video received more than a million views, and it had quite an impact on the film making and multirotor community. More information...

Selected awards

3rd place short film festival, Vilsflimmern

Shrediquette DLXm


In 2010, the DLXm was one of the smallest multirotors and probably the smallest trirotor that were ever built. It is capable of performing aerobatics and can even carry a GoPro. More information...

Selected awards

1st place outdoor flight dynamics, IMAV2010

1st place indoor flight dynamics, IMAV2010

Shrediquette DLX


After a few prototypes, the DLX trirotor was the first "official" copter of the Shrediquette multirotor series in 2009. This trirotor ist built from carbon and balsa wood and the aim was to make it as light as possible. The copter is severely overpowered which was necessary to make it highly aerobatic. More information...

Selected awards

1st place drage race, Landkamp 2010